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The original "Bee" shrimp, which spawn the now common Crystal Red Shrimp (red version). It's funny that the Crystal Red Shrimp is now more common than the Crystal Black.

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These shrimps require a similar environment as the Crystal Red Shrimp. They just have black stripes instead of red. There are mixed reports on the internet on whether or not the two can be kept together. Most claim they can be kept together and will result in either Red or Black babies. A few claims brownish color emerges after a few generations of mix breeding.

Similiar to the Blue & Brown eye color genetic you learn in biology class, we can determine the percentage of what the offspring will look like. The Black is the dominant gene, and each shrimp carries two gene. So CBS can carry a dormant Red gene and still look black.


  • if a CRS(red,red) breed with another CRS(red,red), all offsprings will be red.
  • If a CRS(red,red) breed with a CBS(black,black), all offsprings will be CBS(black,red)
  • If a CBS(black,red) breed with a CBS(black,red), offsprings will be 25% CRS(red,red), 50%CBS(black,red), and 25% CBS(black,black).
  • See chart below


Red(Red,Red)(Black, Red)
Black(Black, Red)((Black, Black)


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