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Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Malaysian Trumpet Snails

MTS are plant friendly Cleaner snail that works when the light is out.

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They're ranked #4 on the aquarium algae eater list: More Info 

The Malaysian Trumpet Snail or MTS snail (Melanoidis tuberculata) are useful tropical aquarium inhabitants.

They grow no longer than an inch in length yet they rapidly become part of a formidable army of digging snails! These snails are live bearers and as such give birth to fully formed miniature replicas of the adult snail. All of the snails are female and are able to reproduce in this way without the need for fertilization.

Their foraging habits can mainly be observed at dusk when the snails are most active. They will use their strong foot to push themselves deep into the substrate where they gorge themselves upon uneaten fish food and micro-organisms. Their digging habits have long been noted to help prevent the build up of toxic gases in the aquarium substrate. They will not eat aquarium plants, in fact they help to aerate plant roots reducing their compaction. This makes them the ideal snail for planted tanks

An excellent little scavenger for the freshwater aquarium.

They're ranked #4 on the aquarium algae eater list: More Info 

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